Former clients.

Where did we place them!!!
Terry Coner- NBA, Holland, Estonia
Keith Hill –  CBA, Estonia, France, Greece
Butch Wade- Belgium, France
Vince Taylor- NBA, Belgium., Italy  Present time coach University of Louiville Kentucky
Lawrence Daniels- IBA, CBA, Sweden, Poland,Estonia, Belgium, Holland
David Lawrence-NBA, Holland, Italy
Jimmy Moore- NBA,French, Holland,, Coach at Utah present time.
David More- Holland, coach at Ohio present time
Rick Lewis- Holland
Gerald Eacker-Estonia, Mexico
Tiit Sokk-Greece Estonia.
Aivar Kuusmaa- Greece and Belgium. Estonia
Rock Winston-Holland, Ireland
Philip Jones- Finland, Greece, New Zealand
David Burns-  CBA, Finland, Belgium
Tico Cooper-CBA, Belgium
Tico Cooper, Holland, Belgium
Bart Kofood- NBA, Belgium
Terrence Stansburry- NBA Belgium. Holland and French
Leroy Watkins- Holland, Portugal
Ed Rains- NBA Belgium
Sam Smith NBA, Belgium
Mike Richmond.- CBA,Portugal, Estonia
Jim Zoet- Canada-Holland
Desmond Dennis- Holland
Manny Grandford- Holland, Belgium
Steve Nycum- Holland
Oleh Scmola- Holland
Raymond Botse- Holland, Belgium Coach in Arab emirates
Albert van der Ark- Holland
Albert Johnson- Holland. Germany
Cornelius Ausborn- Estonia
Dustin Barrien- Estonia
Dan Shanks- Estonia, Holland Belgium
Gert Kullanae- Belgium, Germany
Egidius Mikalajunas- Holland, Estonia
Rob Gibbons- Holland, Italy, Spain
Valmo Kriisa-Holland, Estonia, Sweden
Allen Watson- Estonia, Portugal
Aba Koita- Holland, Estonia ,Israel
Ritche Johnson, Holland, Belgium
Troy Coleman-Estonia
Silas Mills -CBA, Estonia, Turkey
Dan Gay -Holland, Italy
Tony Tolbert, NBA Holland
David Moss ,Holland
Jerome Batiste NBA Holland, Spain.

Former clients Sokk and Kuusmaa in Greece Panatinaikos!

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